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Grow your business with a hassle-free solution that calms the chaos of selling your products, services, and gigs online- meet GIGROVE


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Meet the most flexible, future-proof eCommerce platform for online stores with built-in support for subscriptions, orders, and payments. You can sell globally using multi-language and multi-currency support, which includes dozens of languages and allows you to provide localization throughout your store.

Make the customer experience extra smooth by setting your default currency, enabling additional currencies, and providing conversion fallback logic for your store.

You no longer have to Frankenstein your apps together just to get an eCommerce solution that costs you an arm and a leg.

(“Get it? Because Frankenstein? Sorry, we’re done.”)

Operate a faster and more efficient store, without having to think about infrastructure or maintenance. Create the online store you’ve always wanted

Sell your digital downloads

Your online store comes with the Digital Downloads integration so that you can sell digital products of any kind. Sell your work like graphics, ebooks, videos, audio, software, and others. All under your brand.

Your feature-rich web store comes with the ability to easily sell virtually any type of file. The customer goes through a secured checkout and once the payment is completed, they receive a digital copy of your product, which they can download. No need to code or for complex setup. Setting up a sale for your digital product takes only a few minutes.

Offer your services and gigs

The web store comes with free booking software to help your clients book gigs or make reservations and appointments with you or your business.

Our easy-to-use booking software is there to help you operate more efficiently by enabling your clients to book services through your online store with just a couple of clicks.

Here are some use case examples where you would accept bookings;





Subscription billing for your business

Offering subscriptions lets you sell products or services on a recurring basis. Depending on the subscription options you offer, your customers can choose to pay an agreed price for your product at a scheduled frequency. With Subscription Billing, you can offer subscriptions on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Get more out of your existing audience and attract new customers with a subscription offering for your store. Subscription Billing enables you to add an extra revenue layer to your eCommerce website and build brand loyalty through recurring charges.

Sell your physical products

You can sell practically anything you choose to that is a physical item to be delivered to a customer. Our shipping features are made for any type of shipment you are planning to do. From small to big products, your online store supports it. Add or edit information about a product such as its price, description, availability.

Completely manage the orders – set the order status, find billing and shipping information, set order notes. Set different variations for your products, e.g. like colors, size, weight, etc. Set custom availability for your products by adding item visibility. Show products only in your web store, in search results, or over the link. If your products have different shipping rates and policies, you can add them to each product.


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